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AIP supports investment partners in their environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance efforts. This dedication to regional and global transformation is seen in every stage of AIP’s investment partnership process.

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Environmental Stewardship

AIP supports partners in their environmental stewardship efforts by ensuring that any recommended operational improvements are in line with businesses’ sustainability mandates and applicable environmental legislation.

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Social Responsbility

Communities thrive due to the efforts of businesses like those AIP partners with. As such, AIP is proud to support growing businesses that provide employment and economic stimulation to the regions where they are located. All partner investment decisions are made with community wellness and growth in mind.

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Corporate Governance

AIP partners exclusively with businesses that already have effective and ethical governance in place. This ensures that only the best business practices are rewarded and further developed. Upon deciding to invest in an organization, AIP then applies its corporate leadership experience to ensure governance continues to enable strong returns and a people-first culture.

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AIP Leadership

AIP is led by trusted professionals with years of practical experience starting, managing, and growing businesses in a wide variety of industries and other leadership settings. This expertise enables deeper partner connections and allows for adaptation to changing market needs.

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Differentiated Approach

AIP applies a differentiated approach to investing by deploying operational resources at each stage of the investment process. Whereas most investment firms compartmentalize their M&A and operational capabilities, AIP integrates the two in order to accelerate value creation and provide our management team partners with the tools and data necessary for immediate and long-term success.

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Our Approach

AIP collaborates with management teams and business owners to drive transformational change and long-term growth.
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